Adapt to your Environment

Let's be and always remain OPEN MINDFUL. Today's subject takes your physical surroundings, city, nature, and society make-up into account and focus.
What the heck do I mean by this?
For example, if you live in the countryside, perhaps you should be open mindful to the country life culture. For example, boots, trucks, flat land, country music, chewing tobacco, farm animals, etc.
Another example, if you live by the beach, perhaps be open mindful to being in shape & swimming in the ocean. Try to embrace the culture around a beach city. Learn to say dude, wear a bathing suit, sandals, sunglasses and nap on the sand.
If you live in a hipster city, be OPEN MINDFUL to their culture, fashion and trends. You may learn something new? Don't be prejudice. You would not care for people to be prejudice towards you. Think and act, like the GOLDEN RULE.
Basically, what we can all most likely agree on, is to embrace and remain OPEN MINDFUL to the culture and society norms that you visit, travel to and live in. Be easy going!
Please, please don't ever try to RAM, your thing (model, celebrity, foreigner, intelligence, etc) down any person's aura. Let's all EMBRACE the notion of being able to adapt and live within various cultures and social settings peacefully.
Last night, for example I was guilty of being closed-minded. I'm sorry. As a local, with a SEA of new people, I was too quick to judge and reject. Moving forward, I too, will promise to remain OPEN MINDFUL to new people, ideas, thoughts, and the such<.
We share this planet together. Let's share it kindly and fantastically!


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