Open Mindful to FORGIVENESS?

Are you Mr./Ms. reader OPEN MINDFUL to granting FORGIVENESS?
Yes? No? Maybe? Sometimes? Depends? Leave us a comment, will ya?
Personally, I think it depends on each individual case, and the circumstances, timing, people involved, environment, level of sobriety, and other numerous factors. Yet forgiveness is something we should be open mindful to.
Whether you are the individual granting forgiveness or the party that is seeking forgiveness, both sides are worth understanding.
People do make mistakes, some are more honest and innocent than others. Some mistakes are large, and some are minuscule. There are probably cruel people on this earth (i.e. death row inmates) that are-cold blooded, and deserve zero leeway and sympathy. The category of forgiveness has a wide spectrum
Personally, I have forgiven a parent for spanking and rearing me as a child. In the future event of potential parenthood, I am unlikely to repeat this rearing practice. Another example of granting forgiveness is when my own brother made out with a former current girlfriend of mine, that dilemna, now over 4 years in the past is unsettling and a head scratcher. On the flip side, I like all humans have made mistakes in life myself. For example typos, misspellings, & activities in the workplace, unkind male oriented comments, or perhaps social faux paus and negative wording.
The point of this article is to remain OPEN MINDFUL to granting forgiveness. A goal for Life should be to become progressively improved. As long as you can learn from mistakes, try earnestly not to purposely repeat them, and grow forward to become the best soul and human you can be, that is fine! We should applaud and support our fellow humans, as we all strive to become ideal model citizens, on the path to greatness and civility!


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