Can you Morph with Suggestions?

Are you a rigid person? Stuck in your own ways? Well, don't be.
As each moment and day lies in the balance, let's try to remain OPEN MINDFUL to others' suggestions. Often times your life SUCCESS depends upon it. If people, family, friends, lovers, and co-workers take the actual time to think and give you verbal suggestions, listen!
Digest the suggestion, understand the source and point of view it came from, and if you desire, MORPH to incorporate the suggestion and improve your own life!
What do you think of this idea? Are you able to listen, be open minded, and morph to suggestions? Or, are you closed minded, as an obnoxious "know it all" type?
Do you care enough about others to give your HONEST OPINIONS, and suggestions? You should. It will selfishly enhance your own surrounding environment.
One specific example that comes to mind, was a suggestion my former real estate manager made to me. At the time, I working as a realtor in NYC. Although my heart was in the right place, and I worked really hard, things were not totally clicking. I was doing just okay. My experienced manager, kept scolding me to PAY for my own real estate advertising AND to purchase an iphone with mobile email. I was stubborn, and thought I could use different multiple free channels of advertising & my old cheap phone to produce the same results. After 6 months, I was wrong. I was in debt, and done. Looking back perhaps, maybe, if I had been OPEN MINDFUL to listening and adjusting properly to the thoughtful suggestions, I may have had more prosperous $$$ times.
Another example, came yesterday while playing pick-up basketball in my neighborhood. The other team, was winning. One of the players, although performing adequately, was dribbling the basketball while keeping his down to the pavement. His team mate, made the suggestion to this downward-looking mad dribbler, to dribble with his head up in the air, looking forward. An honest, simple helpful slice of encouragement. The best point guards, assist makers, and players in the game, dribble while looking UP. Yes, the best players look up with the ball, and thus possess a more enhanced COURT AWARENESS. This team mate merely made this SUGGESTION to enhance his comrades play. Time will tell, if the player will be OPEN MINDFUL to the suggestion. For the greater good of the game, I hope so.
Think of SUGGESTIONS, like COMPLIMENTS. People care enough about YOU! yes, YOU, to actually tell you. This should enlighten you..
To close, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to SUGGESTIONS.
What do you think?


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