Are you Modern & Trendy or a True Classic

In general are you OPEN MINDFUL to different forms of style? Would you say, you tend to lean more towards trendy, modern new music, architecture, fads, fashion, style, clothing & dance or do you stick by the classics?
For example do you keep up and care about the constant evolving fresh pop culture or do you adhere your loyalty to the classic looks and sounds that have stood the test of time? This question, could also be framed with, are you a hipster, risk taker or a classicly faithful type. For example, in music, the trendy choice would be new songs on the radio, like Pharell Williams, versus the Classic Rock of say, Led Zepplin. Would you rather own & drive a zippy, flashy new sports car or a rugged time-tested truck or jeep? Would you rather live in an older established neighborhood, or a vibrant still being gentrified area?
In my opinion, I think we should be OPEN MINDFUL to both modern/trendy & the classic. What do you think?
Personally, I am a big fan of modern architecture, the classic 50's home to me, screams boring. Yet, I do enjoy the classic smells and fashion of POLO. Ralph Lauren's POLO brand is a classic that will & has succeeded through the decades.
This theme will continue with culinary choices. One could choose and try Asian Fusion and New Engieered foods or one could go with the classic steak and potatoes, or a hamburger with fries.
What is your favorite modern and trendy thing in life? What is your favorite classic item in Life?
Thanks for sharing.


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