Live your Life! Do your Thing!

The inspiration of this OPEN MINDFUL entry is the importance of defying stereotypes. If there is 1 thing, that I collected and has stuck with me, after college and to present day, it is that. Stereotypes are biased, inaccurate, and made to be broken. It is also easier to disrupt them in America, the inventive, free, righteous, land of the brave.
There are numerous avenues to defy stereotypes. For simplicity focus today, we will gear towards age and class stereotypes. For example, just because you are a 21 year old human, does this mean you ought & have to be studiously stuck in college? If your a 35 year old full grown man or women, do you have to be locked down in marriage? Does a person alive in their 60's always have to be thought of as senior citizen or grandparent? I say no to all of these stereotypes, thus....
Live your Life! Do your thing!
If a fellow human would prefer to skip college and go straight to the world workplace, so be it. If a 30's something adult is plenty content and happy with their single freedom, than for sure do NOT put a ring on it. If you are lucky enough to be healthy & over the age of 60 and 70, you can still be a rockstar. Sure. For example the beachy signer, Margaritaville performer, Jimmy Buffet. Another example of the senior citizen baller is the Movie star/ Comedian Steve Martin. (whom fathered a newborn child in his 70's I think)
Another example of defying stereotypes and branding, could be your consumer choices in products. For example, I think as a straight male adult, should still retain the option to buy video games, sugary breakfast cereal, & ride a bicycle if my heart desires to. Live your life! Do your thing! Insert Footnote
At what stage of life are you? What things in life, do you love, yet maybe sometimes get crap for? Well, as OPEN MINDFUL readers, we will not judge and say go for it.
Footnote, "Do your thing!" enlightened upon me by Darren Davis, my friend and co Abercrombie NYC model manager.


Anonymous said…
Stereotypes dealing with age are definitely the most important ones for us to deal with first.

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