The Emotional Wave....

For Life, we are awake, present and alive for most of it. Sleeping is unique & odd, yet enjoyable. Within a day, months, years, and lifetime there is a "roller-coaster of emotions." Do you enjoy riding the wave of emotions? Do you feel you can control and handle them? Can we?
What are some of your favorite emotions? For example do you prefer to be happy, sad, confident, optimistic, pessimistic, dreary, bubbly, or teary?
For example your emotions might fluctuate depending on your success or setbacks in life. Your emotional wave may fluctuate with your work, family & love life. You may get promoted. You may get fired. You may get dumped or a relationship could end. You may also meet an amazing, sexy, new wonderful person soon.
So are you OPEN MINDFUL to riding these very real Emotional Waves? How do you handle and cope with them?
Personally, my goal is to stay even keel with my emotions. The ideal mind frame is to not become overly exuberant and excited. It is also not ideal to sob and feel "down in the dumps" when any set back and bummer hits. So, stay even-keel and keep riding life's emotional waves!
For example in the past month, my most recent "set backs" were losing an excellent young girlfriend of 6 wonderful months. Having a client's wife, be controlling, and allow me to lose a new listing. Another negative for me, is going out to party & coming back home solo with a hangover. The older you get, the more painful they are, warning. It is always much more fun to share a night out & bed with a beautiful woman. That is the good stuff!
Personally, the positives of recent times have included a successful close and sale of my largest priced real estate deal. It happened on Barton Hills Drive in the ATX. Yes sir! Also my 1st successful intermediary sale, where I honestly helped and served both parties fairly. On the personal female front, I've met some wonderful new ladies and women, and really like one of them. She's a winner! I have and will always keep people anonymous on OPEN MINDFUL.
So moving forward, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the "Emotional Waves" of life. The goal is to keep moving forward. Be progressive, be positive, and realize you can only focus on the controllables & handle things within your own power. Other people's decisions, and items are out of your control and not to be worried about. Stay the course! Keep moving with life! Celebrate it and stay even keel. If your work ethic, and attitude stays well, so will you! What do you think? Comments are welcomed!


Anonymous said…
Alright...If I end up moving to Austin, I'll look you up to help me find a place to live. Provided that I become rich as sh*t. Lorenz
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