How to fix the "NEWS"

Do you, our OPEN MINDFUL readership keep up with the NEWS? I do.
Personally, I get my news from Cable Television channels, such as CNN, Headline News, etc, and the Local stations. In addition, I also consume and read news via twitter and facebook. As far as the best and most unbiased, honest news source, I highly recommend the AP (Associated Press)
Here are the problems, and suggestions I have for the news networks and media sources in general.
1. We do not care about crime. Please do not glorify, or even cover crime. The 15 seconds of fame for these hate mongers, criminals, and murderers should cease. There is a reason, we intelligent citizens research safe neighborhoods and then decide to live in them. We moral souls, loathe crime and do not want any of our physical senses wasted on it. Stop covering crime!
2. Start Highlighting the success, failures and tribulations of American Entrepreneurship, the business world, and our local economies. Each media source should highlight a differnet business each week or daily. For example, report on a tech start-up, new restaurant, real estate company, etc. This business news coverage would inform consumers and further enhance the businesses themselves.
3. Quit, please, quit covering cities and geographic areas with horrible weather. Everyone in the world knows the weather is freaking terrible, cold and awful in the Northeast section of the United States, and probably the Midwest too. Those areas are windy, cold, snowy dark holes. This is not NEWS. These regions have had awful weather since colonization time. There are 50 states, those people should use their freedom & just dam move. On the the flip side, you don't see national news featuring the All Star sunny, mild, welcoming weather of California, Florida, Texas and Arizona? Unless the weather has potential to cause real danger to human life, find another story.
Thanks for reading my rants, opinions, and suggestions on how to improve the news. I would like to continue to read the news, and not give up on it. I think, most Americans would like to be informed and current on relevant real news and topics. We yearn to like you. So dear news, please start covering some. Also remember to be OPEN MINDFUL to new methods to consume news. Has the print edition newspaper gone the way of the buffalo yet? Is it still profitable and around? In our evolving digital world, let's embrace unique thought and happenings in the world.
Here's an idea, how about people learn from the news and from other people's mistakes. I try to. You've read those idiotic news stories, and been happily reminded, at least I'm not that inept.
Thanks for your time and don't forget to recommend the OPEN MINDFUL #1 ranked google search blog to your friends, family and co-workers.


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