If your not moving forward, you might be going backwards.

Do you keep up with POP CULTURE & CONTEMPORARY MODERN CULTURE, or do you not care at all? Modern Culture would be Chart Topping New Music, Food Fads & H&M Clothing.
Do you lean more towards RETRO culture and classic cool? Retro Cool would be listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, while wearing a pair of classic Michael Jordan sneakers.
Are you up to date on the latest books, news, fashion, happenings, lifestyle tips and more? Or do you feel overwhelmed and just not bother with it? Either way, there is no wrong reason. It is a free country, you can do what you like.
Personally, I think I am a combination of both new age and retro. Some of my 90's CD's, yes I still listen to compact discs in my car stereo, rock really hard! I mean I drove around while working and audio-ed to the Get Up Kids and Everclear today, which created a very high merriment level.
As far as keeping up with it, I got new photo head-shots today, to be used for life in general. I paid a friendly professional photographer for the brief session. I was reminded how important presenting an attractive image to the world is, in today's 2015 media blasting society. With email, facebook, twitter, business cards, marketing pieces, websites and more, it is prudent to put your "best face forward." Let's be honest, as a superficial man, I initially judge women on their looks. Guilty, crucify me.
Moving along, the purpose of today's OPEN MINDFUL writing, is to suggest for you the reader, myself, and society to remain OPEN MINDFUL to progressive forward thinking. Please stay OPEN MINDFUL to suggestions, new thoughts, and ways to live life. People burrowed & stuck in the past, are susceptible to make the same MISTAKES of the past. I truly strive to adhere to OPEN MINDFUL concepts. I hope you'll drink the OPEN MINDFUL kool-aid with us. It is for your own selfish well being, and soul improvement.
For our final thought today, I am purchasing a new yard sign for our humble house in a very "bohemian" neighborhood. It is going to simply state, "drifting towards Utopia". Its purpose is to provide hope that we as a world, can come together to make the best experience and societal culture we can. Thus we can ALL, drift towards a better state of being.


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