The differences between New York City, and Austin, Texas.

People sometimes ask me to describe the main differences between Austin, Texas and New York City. Personally, you should understand that I am a native born Austonian. In so far as New York City, I resided there full-time in Midtown West, Manhattan for 5 years, every season. In addition, I hold a valid eligible real estate salesperson license in both states of Texas and New York.
Hopefully, my opinions will not deter you from either spot, and will leave you with an OPEN MINDFUL opinion to both places.
Lets describe New York City 1st. One major thing about living in Manhattan is the entirety of the walking culture. In my 5 year tenure there, I NEVER drove a car once, nor held an active driver's license. All transportation was walking, cab, subway or train. Also in New York City there are very long, enduring and cold winters. The winters often linger until late April. It gets annoying. If your not into the heavy jacket fashion look, don't move there. In NYC, bars, clubs and nightlife remain open until 4 am. In NYC the majority of local residents are of Jewish American decent. I recall fondly getting a holiday from work for Yom Kippur day. I still have no idea what Yom Kupper means, I probably just butchered the spelling. In New York City, fashion and culture is paramount. Life below 14th street is also littered with beautiful females and male models too. In New York City, everything is expensive $$$. Food, beer, toilet paper, deodorant, cigarettes, you name it. New York City is a bohemian mecca of worldly people, different skin tones, and diversity. The diversity gives a fresh outlook to the bustling sidewalks. Daily Life in New York City is stressful. Life moves rapidly! It is a city constantly running on 8 cups of coffee. I would recommend for everyone on this Earth to call NYC home for at least 2 years. New York City is easy going on their celebrity inhabitants, as people rarely bother them.
Austin, Texas is a wonderful, growing, and overall peaceful city. The weather in Austin, Texas is much sunnier and less harsh. The winters are almost non existent, and the sun tans are colorfully authentic in the summer. Austin, Texas has a pace of life 5x to 10x slower than NYC. Austin is literally a "chill" place to live. Austin although becoming more expensive is more affordable. The southern women although occassionaly attractive, are socially conservative and really make the men "work for it." You get that, right? Life in Austin requires a bike & car for the ideal lifestyle. Eventually, a car will be required for an errand of some type. People in Austin are more friendly than New Yorkers, and willing to engage in conversation if desired. NYC residents most often could care less. Austin, Texas seems to lean more towards a Los Angeles, California vibe. By this I mean, the sunny, restaurant, live music infused, driving and pretty blonde girl culture. The Downtown of Austin, TX is fantastically walk-able like Manhattan, wth hi-rises too! The overall "quality of life" is greater in Austin, Texas. NYC is probably a happier place, but for super rich people, whom can afford its luxuries. Austin Texas is a welcoming city. I would recommend it for anyone. The problem with new people when they move here, is that they never want to leave again. Once they've drank the kool-aid other cities seem to fall short.
So there is my honest, OPEN MINDFUL outlook and opinions on residing in New York City, NY and Austin, Texas. What do you think? Was this an accurate, honest description? Both are wonderful in their own unique ways. Also, both have their possible negatives, and issues as well. If I've left something out or if your planning a move to either urban destination, let's talk or have coffee. Give me a phone call or email. I'm,
Personally, my hope, and especially now that gas is down to 2 dollars per gallon, is to engage in more travel or a "Jack Kerouc" type roadtrip across America. Either to the West Coast, San Diego and North West, Seattle or head southeast back to Miami, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina. If you have any cities or must see reccomendations on places I should visit, while my time on earth is going, holler at me.


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