Ever wonder about other people?

Do you ever wonder what other people, friends, family, ex-girlfriends, classmates, teammates, and the such are up to today? Yes? No? Maybe? Like a current status update. Well I wonder.
Sometimes, it is comforting to be aware of what your friends, colleagues , and perhaps ex- associates are up to? I think, are they still alive?
I guess as people start to drift away and become burrowed into their careers, family, and marriages, they stop caring about other people, and just dive focus upon their "Inner Circle." Do you feel like this is an accurate analogy? Does this happen to you?
Personally, I would really enjoy being privy to life news from friends, family, and co-workers, about what the heck is going on with their lives? Whether it is good, bad, or amazing, this honest news would be embraced. This way, if a person asks, "oh how is James from your sophomore literature class doing, you could actually answer & say,"He's a writer with an Argentinian wife, has a 4 year old son, & lives full-time in Buenos Aires. He sent me a photo of him doodling on his notebook near the beach a couple months ago." Now isn't that better than, "Oh James, I have zero idea? Is he still alive?"
Another reason I would love to hear from friends, associates and people I know more often, is to gauge how they are developing in society. Are they still funny? Is my friend still athletic? Is she still pretty? Can humans & their personas stay "OPEN MINDFUL" to adjustment and change?
So do you ever wonder about people? Sometimes I wonder what happened to some of my first girlfriends? They obviously did not end up with me, so what happened? Are they happier today? I wonder how I would rank on a list of my ex-girlfriends top ten boyfriends? Would I crack the top tier echelon? Would they ponder, oh I should have stayed with George, that handsome, former NYC model, university level athlete & liberal arts graduate? Or would they say, I'm glad I'm with this shorter, uglier dude instead?
Anyways, as always, let's stay OPEN MINDFUL, and try to care, while being kind to what people are currently working on. On a side-note, facebook, twitter and social media, have made great strides to improve this facet of life. Personally, I enjoy scrolling through both of those sites on my iphone, as people post when, and what content they want. To me social media is an excellent, non-obtrusive way to keep up with people & the world in general. What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Word on the street is you lived in Manhattan and modeled. Is this true? Was it at an Aberccrombie store or the flagship Abercrombie store? Medium size shirts? My guess is you were probably the only 6 foot 1 inch, blonde haired, blue eyed guy there. I'm gonna stay open mindful to how self serving your bs blog is
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Thanks for at minimum, thinking "open mindedly" that is the goal. Yes I was previously an in store "retail" model for the Abercrombie and Fitch downtown Manhattan Nyc seaport flagship location.

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