Not feeling the Holiday Spirit?

Have you ever had that one year or two, where you just were "NOT FEELING THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT?" Well, personally that is my mode this year. I apologize for my scrooge like persona, yet it is a real world outlook. Normally and most years, I'm just as jolly as the red suited Santa Clause.
Here are the reasons for this down-turn view of the Holiday season.
The problem with religion in general. As I read the AP, News-wire on a daily basis, all I come across are problems created because of religion. The Middle East section of the world is the biggest culprit. ISIS & their Islamic devil warriors killing and pillaging innocent women and children. They are just total moral garbage. Jewish citizens in Israel, having to bomb their way to safety & Hannahkuh, and lastly the Catholic Pope, denouncing those who work under him for their overall horribleness.
These 3 specific examples, kind of give a black eye to religion. Can you see, why one would question the celebration of religion?
Where are the uplifting, positive religious stories? Somebody, send me one of those. I'd truly LOVE to read one.
Here are some more reasons for ranting on the Holiday Cheer. American capitalism and its fuel for consumer spending. Wal-mart, Target, the malls, and even indie stores do not need my extra money just for a commercial steroid holiday. You should shop because you WANT To, NOT because your guilted into it. What do you think? Do you agree?
Are you OPEN MINDFUL to both sides of the spectrum for the Holiday season? Yes I am for joy, family, safety, and merriment for sure! I probably do believe in God. Yet as adult citizens, let's also be open mindful to the problems, cultural, and societal detriments the glorification of Christmas can bring.
Are you able to see both sides of this topic and debate? My eyes are open to it.
To end, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All.


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