Free Will, Pro's and Cons'

I do believe in Free will. It is what we are born with unto this world. I think Locke or some other philosopher has harped on this subject before. My turn in 2014. Let's give it a run.
I have an issue with telling people they are crazy. In general people do not like to hear that, even though it is the truth and they may be. We have all, at one time or another dated the crazy girl or had the crazy client. I wonder if people ever think I'm crazy? I doubt it, but one can not ever control another person's thoughts and opinions.
As a good, honest soul, I try to be morally balanced and sane. Personally I do not ever stray from my moderate morals. I am neither a church guy nor an evil doer. I actually embrace the law abiding method of living.
In a modern day example, the domestic Ray Rice scandal really bothers me. The fact that a man would physically punch, "knock out" and drag his wife along is worry-some to me and should be to you. 100 percent of humans, should never, never, never ever do that. I personally think Ray Rice should be in jail and is a horrible criminal. His wife should have divorced him the next day & I have zero tolerance for domestic violence.
Moving along. People, citizens and humans do have free will, and opinions. They can be wrong, right, politically incorrect, financially unjustified and more. As an independent, impartial 3rd party person, I just try to help people "see the light", but I can only do some much. Sometimes I wonder & worry about other people? I wonder if they ever worry about me?
Also, people can be selfish bastards. It happens. You think you know someone well, but in the end, they are always in it for themselves and their own well being. Perhaps, this example ought to remind us of "Darwin's theory" of survival of the fittest. I think Darwin was right..
FYI, I'm writing this after 2 shots of rum and 2 beers. It's cold outside right now, but it feels warmer in here.
What are your opinions on free will? I guess whether you are right, wrong, crazy, normal or close, your entitled to it, and we can choose to listen to it or not? Good Luck out there.


Anonymous said…
Crazy people don't know that they're crazy BUT... psycho people know that they're psycho. Food for for thought, coming from a psycho.
interesting distinction between crazy and psycho.
Anonymous said…
Rice's wife is ok with the way she was treated. She even said that, "abuse was part of God's plan". Some people need abuse to feel loved. To each is own. I personally like rough sex but wouldn't put up with him being rough with me outside of the bedroom. Free will lets you put up with what you will.

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