Is Love Blind?

Do you think LOVE is Blind? By this we mean, do you think it is possible to find affection despite human race differences.
For example an Asian man with a caucsasin blonde wife. For example a brunette jewish girl married to a Latin king? For example a 52 year old man married to a 21 year old sweetheart girl. A 6' 8 inch tall basketball player with a spinner girlfriend of 5'1 inch? Sometimes couples run the SPECTRUM.
Do you think age, race, religion, height, or ethnicity plays a factor in finding love? Or do you believe LOVE Is blind and that one's INNATE physical attraction and brain does the selection. Say a Dawinism-esque view towards acquiring a loving partner. Some might consider love a "calculated long term choice?. How do you feel about this subject?
Personally I would like to think that love can be found anywhere and is UNPREDICTABLE. In my personal career with the opposite sex have happily dated and conversed with the entire gamete of female domestic and international beauty. I do NOT have a type and believe LOVE can be unknown. What do you think?
As a resident of America, it helps to be OPEN MINDFUL to different forms of love, ladies and beauty. I mean if we lived in Asia, there would not be much diversity to shop from? Or Africa? Or Latin America? Let's face it, one of the reasons we love the U.S.A is our diversity, along with the successful co-habitation and morphing of various races, cultures, lifestyle and people.
How do you, our OPEN MINDFUL readership feel? IS LOVE blind, or deep down do you know you have a type? What would your family think if you married a person outside of your race, society class, age range or religion?
Personally, I think its YOUR darn LIFE, and as free citizen should do what YOU WANT in your HEART.
Thanks for your time, readership and for staying OPEN MINDFUL!


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