Remember your HEALTH

I believe there is well known saying, that "Death is just a rumor to the young" The point of this quote is not to be morbid, but to remind yourself that as a living, breathing mammal and human organism, you too are susceptible to life's aging process and timetables. On a side-note, I believe in the worldly theories of evolution.
Now, I'm not advising you or anyone to go overboard on the super health craze phenomenon, (gluten who cares) but to merely be OPEN MINDFUL & remember your own health is important too.
I mean, without your health, your living life with the flag half way up. Sickness and illness affects your mental mood, gives you a half empty look towards the day, and overall sickness is just negative. So let's avoid it, if gentically possible.
For example, do not become addicted to cigarettes. Do not do drugs that will kill you. Do not drink to alcoholism. Occasionally wear some sunscreen for your skin. Go to the Doctor 1x per year. Go to the Dentist. You get the point! I mean don't kill yourself right. People rightly complain about murder, but what about the people whom through there own faulty unhealthy choices, thus kill themselves.
Let's get healthy. Let's stay Alive. Let's share this earth together, and like "Kid President" (you-tube Kid President and watch) Let's be awesome.
How do you feel about health? Please remember your Health and be OPEN MINDFUL to lifestlye adjustments that your body will be happy with. Personally, I hope I read this article and take my own advice too.


Anonymous said…
"your living life with the flag half way up"

You're using the word your wrong!!!!!

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