The Rise to Adulthood

The rise to Adulthood, is about handling more & more & more responsibility. That is what it boils down to. From Birth until Adulthood, it is just one pile of duties, dumped on top of another set of duties.
Think about it. When you are a baby, what are your responsibilities? Zero. Your parents & Grandparents take care of you. Life is easy. When your 16, you have to do more on your own. You get a driver's license and are in charge of getting yourself to and from school, places and life. Then comes college and you're literally, "kicked" out of your childhood home. As college students your life responsibilities grow. You make your own decisions on course selection, living conditions, social clubs, etc. After graduation as a twenty-something you've got even more to handle. The Rise to Adulthood climbs the Mountain. As a twenty something your forced to work and pay for you own life. Work is real! Life costs money, and as the growing adult, you learn that you have to pay for it, yourself. For some people it gets even more dire. They get married, have children, mortgages and not only are they responsible for their life, taxes etc, but their children and family's well being too. Yikes.
The difference between "grown-ups" and kids is the amount of crap they are liable for and have to do. That is it. Personality wise, we humans are similar. We like to have fun, enjoy jokes, and try to be friendly & easy-going. I guess what I'm saying is, CHERISH YOUR FREEDOMS in LIFE. Maybe you've got a whole day to "Ferris Beuler it away." Maybe you've only got 30 minutes for a relaxing coffee break in the sun? Regardless, in your inevitable "RISE TO ADULTHOOD" please remember to CHERISH YOUR FREEDOOM in LIFE.


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