Out of your League...

Would anyone like to share the inner truthful secrets on how to date, "Out of your League?" Like a 14 seed in the NCAA Tournament whom beats the higher ranked, Goliath 3rd seeded team. Like any normal person, I personally do not want to settle for anything. An average job, an average city to call home, an average place to live. You know just average and enough to get by. That being said, sometimes something is better than nothing. But just like an OLYMPIC athlete striving for a Gold Medal, I want a Gold Medal Girlfriend. When? ASAP. How do we get there?
The truth is as a single citizen, often I notice different attractive couples together eating, living, biking and driving in a metropolis city. This sounds sad, but sometimes I get a tad envious, when I see a shorter, uglier less talented man with a very attractive, slender beautiful girl or lady. Girls, have you ever been envious of one of your girlfriends boyfriends? It causes me to wonder, what am I doing wrong? What is this guy doing? Is he a gentlemen? Is he rich? Is he just Lucky? Another theory of mine, girls we need your input here specifically is, sometimes I think beautiful attractive girls enjoy being with homely men, so their "star" shines brighter. What do you think about this, "beauty star" in the relationship theory. Personally, if I were in a relationship with a Victoria Secret, Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or Sport Illustrated level model, would be totally fine having the girl carry the beauty torch. Let's be honest, Men are in to physical attractiveness. Why do you think there are top selling male interest magazines called, Maxin, Playboy, FHM, King, etc. Sometimes I just don't know what women want?
So back on topic. What are the best ways to date and be with a sexual partner that is physically "out of your league" For example, 2 days ago while attending an outdoor concert with thousands of people asked two young beauties, on a scale of 1 to 10, what they'd rate me. I got a 7. But then I looked around an was one the few 6'1 Blonde Hair Blue eyed, young men in the area. Do girls care about personality? I mean, if your dating an ugly person, they are still going to be physically ugly the morning after, and next week too. Ugghh.maybe I'm just frustrated right now. Which is true. I thought I had "mastered" the game while living and working in Manhattan NYC for 5 years.
Well thanks for reading and being "OPEN MINDFUL" to new people in your life. I root for all us humans in striving to get the most out of what god, and their parents created for them. The goal of this "philosophy on the fly" style writing, is to search for answers. Rock what you've got. Go for the Gold, and try to Be Healthy and Happy. Peace.


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