How do you feel about SUPERFICIALITY? Do you notice it? Have you ever been caught admiring it, or perhaps been guilty practicing it? Do you feel being SUPERFICIAL is a tolerable honest way to think, or does being superficial co-notate negative emotions?
What do we mean by this? Well, Superficial for our purposes today, means valuing beauty and monetary wealth over the "regular" life. A Superficial person would pursue rich friends. A Superficial person would only attend classy establishments & events. A Superficial person would value physical looks above all other human qualities. A superficial person would most likely judge another strictly on outward image. Perhaps some cities promote a superficial lifestyle more than others. For example Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California, come to mind. One thinks bigger is better, and the latter is the birthplace of plastic surgery, fake breasts, and celebrity.
Let's be honest, all of us humans are superficial to a certain extent. For example today, while working an Open House in the Travis Heights neighborhood of Austin, Tx was reminded of the superficiality of real estate. One of the visitors reminded me, that girls often times perceive men with nice places to live as more desirable than those with dumpier places to call home. I mean girls, would the man with the Downtown Penthouse Condo suddenly become more attractive, than the homely artist or model man with the efficiency apartment? Let's not even get started on the superficiality of cars. In actuality an aged Honda is going to get you from A to B, just like some flashy electric Tesla.
Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to recognizing this "superficial" fog and be willing to accept it's pros & cons, on our American Culture. My guess is other countries of the world understand superficiality as well.
A major point of this topic that must be enforced, is the absolute correctness of hard work. Intelligent work creates the earning power & luxurious lifestyle we tend to desire. The hungry person goes from rags to riches. The ambitious creative (all legal) soul strives to achieve their life and professional goals. Humans should be commended and congratulated when their helpful work, ideas, and creations have furthered society, and thus produced monetary wealth in return. They say money doesn't buy happiness, but I'd like to have that problem. Introduce me to an unhappy man with a trophy wife, and that'd be a 1st.
Overall, we humans vary on the litmus scale for superficiality. For example the Pope is a 1 for least superficial, and the Kardshians' are a 10, for extremely superficial. Us "Open Mindful" readers are somewhere in the middle.


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